Swimming Pool Safety Covers

During the winter months nothing will give you peace of mind like a safety cover. With the springs attached to the concrete these covers are meant to hold up adults, small children, and pets. We offer two styles of safety covers.

Mesh covers are considered a true safety cover because they allow water to pass through and not collect on top of the cover. The only draw back to this style cover is that all rain water and sunlight are allowed to pass thru the cover causing the swimming pool to be green upon opening in the spring.

If you use this style cover you will want to open your swimming pool a little earlier to allow time for us to help you turn it into a crystal clear swimming pool.

Solid covers are the other style that uses the spring attachments. These covers do not allow any water or sunlight to pass through them. They come with an automatic cover pump that will pump the water off the cover when the sensors become submerged. Swimming pools that are covered with this style normally open up to crystal clear water. Because there is a chance of water collecting on top of the cover, this style cannot be called a true safety cover.