Pool Opening

  • Customer Responsibilities:
    Prior to Scheduling Opening
    • Make sure electrical power is turned on to pool equipment
    • Outside water source is available

    • After Scheduled Opening Completed
      • Fill pool to halfway up in the skimmer
      • Once water is where it needs to be switch plumbing from main drain to main drain and skimmer
      • Let water circulate for 24 consecutive hours and then have it analyzed for proper water balance
      • Add necessary chemicals to balance pool
      • Vacuum Pool

      Anchor Pools will:
      • Clean, remove, fold, and store cover where homeowner requires
      • Remove winterizing plugs from skimmer and returns
      • Install plugs into pool equipment
      • Prime and start pump (providing water level is at functioning level or main drain is available)
      • Install handrails and ladders (if available)
      • If water level is not halfway into skimmer pool will be started using main drain
      • Anchor Pools will not leave water running into pool

      Pricing for Safety Covers
      Up to 20 x 40 or 800 sq ft=$225.00 +trip charge Larger than 20 x 40 or 800 sq ft=$250.00 + trip charge

      Pricing for Water Bag Covers All pools =$375.00 + trip charge

      We cannot guarantee that water and debris from cover will not go in the pool. Lawn furniture being moved on pool deck is not a part of openings.