Swimming Pool Liners

Anchor Pools installs replacement liners for all types of in ground pools. We come out and measure each pool so that a custom liner is made for your individual pool. Our liners come with a five year full and 20 year pro-rate warranty against any seam separations. Because our liners are custom made this process takes about two weeks to complete.


Step 1-Come in and pick out liner pattern and put a deposit down.

Step 2- Anchor Pools will come out to your house and measure for the new liner.

Step 3- Once the liner arrives we will come to your house and drain the pool.

Step 4-The next day we remove the old liner and discard it.

Step 5-We smooth out the vermiculite bottom.

Step 6-Your new liner is installed.

Step 7-We put a vacuum behind the liner to keep it against the pool wall until the water is up to the first step.

Step 8-We cut in your main drain and put a new grate on it to comply with new regulations.

Step 9-Once the water is at the first step you call and let us know and we will come back out. We will remove the vacuum line and install new faceplates around your skimmer and returns.

Step 10-Once the pool is full and running bring in a water sample to Anchor Pools, and we will give you all of your start-up chemicals.