CONSTRUCTION: Shotcrete Swimming Pools

It is the day you have been waiting for and dreaming about! Anchor Pools is set to begin building your backyard retreat. To make this process as easy and stress free as possible, the following is a step-by-step of making a dream come true.

STEP 1 Pool Location
Shape of Gunite Swimming Pool is determined and laid out on the lawn. The first step is to determine the shape and size of the pool you desire and then lay out the pool on your property. Once Anchor Pools and the homeowner are satisfied with the position of the pool, we will remove any obstacles for construction (i.e., trees, fence, etc.). Anchor Pools will obtain any and all permits to build the pool in compliance with all building codes and swimming pool standards.

STEP 2 Excavation and Plumbing
After excavation, plumbing is put in place.At this stage, Anchor Pools will bring in heavy equipment to dig your pool. While we will do everything possible to minimize the mess, you will need to plan to do a little landscaping after pool completion. Once excavation is complete, Anchor Pools will pre-plumb your swimming pool.

STEP 3 Setting rebar and fixtures
Steel rebar is tied one inch on centerAnchor Pools will tie a system of steel rods to conform to the shape of the pool. Also during this time we will install all fixtures such as your lights, skimmers, and returns.

STEP 4 Shooting the shell
Gunite is sprayed on the interior of the pool to create a shell of poolIn this step we create a structurally sound swimming pool. We will do this by spraying shotcrete into the pool to make a solid shell. This process is very interesting to watch but it is also loud, as we have to bring in concrete trucks as well as machinery to spray the pool. When we finish this step, you will begin to see the pool you will be enjoying for years to come.

STEP 5 Pouring the deck, placing tile, and plastering
Pool shell is trimmed and steps are formedAfter the shell has been shot it is now time to pour the deck. During this process we will bring in small earth moving equipment to backfill the pool and more concrete trucks. Once the deck sets we will set the tile around the border. When we do this, the pool will start to take on its own personality. After the tile is set we put the finish on the shell. Whether it is a white marble finish or an aggregate, it is up to you.

STEP 6 Filling of the pool
Ceramic tile is set around the perimeter of the pool and white marble plaster is applied to form the interior of the poolAs soon as the plasterers are finished we begin filling the pool full of water. While waiting for the pool to fill, Anchor Pools will install your diving board, ladder, and handrails.

STEP 7 Deck coating and final inspection
Pool is ready to be filledIf you desire, we will put a spray deck coating on your deck to personalize your backyard. Anchor Pools will then add chemicals and clean the pool for the final time.

Pool is ready to be filledCongratulations! Your Anchor Pools swimming pool is now ready for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy for years to come.

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