Vinyl Swimming Pools

It is the day you have been waiting for and dreaming about. Anchor Pools is set to begin building your backyard retreat. To make this process as easy and stress free as possible, the following is a step-by-step of making a dream come true.

STEP 1 Layout and Excavation


The first step is to determine the shape and size of the pool then lay it out on your property. Once Anchor Pools and the homeowner are satisfied with the position of the pool, Anchor Pools will remove any obstacles for construction (i.e., trees, fence, etc.). Anchor Pools will obtain any and all permits needed to build the pool in compliance with all building codes and swimming pool standards.

At this point Anchor Pools will bring in heavy equipment to dig your pool. While we will do everything possible to minimize the mess, you will need to plan to do a little landscaping after pool completion.




STEP 2 Constructing Wall


After excavation, Anchor Pools will construct the wall of your pool. This is the backbone to the swimming pool. We use a galvanized steel wall with a lifetime warranty. After we set the forms and position the walls into place, we will pour an 8” thick concrete footer 3’ wide around the perimeter of pool.





STEP 3 Preparing for the Liner


Our next step in constructing your pool is to prepare the pool for the liner. We install a protective wall foam around the perimeter of the pool and add coping to the top of the wall that the liner fits into. The last step before dropping the liner is to trial a vermiculite mix into the bottom of the pool to create the floor of the pool.





STEP 4 Dropping the Liner



Once the vermiculite has set, Anchor Pools will drop the liner into the pool. At this point, the pool that you liked in the picture is beginning to take shape in your backyard.






STEP 5 Preparing the Deck



After the liner is dropped, Anchor Pools will start filling the pool. While it is filling, we backfill the pool and set up to pour the deck.






STEP 6 Pouring the Deck



Today is the day we put the finishing touches on your pool. Anchor Pools will bring in concrete trucks to pour the deck.





STEP 7 Ready to SWIM!



After the deck has set, Anchor Pools will install your ladder and diving board. Once we add chemicals and clean it for the first time, it is ready for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy for years to come!